Oska "fez" Vann

"Editing content has always been a hobby of mine but in 2017 I decided to turn it into a career, working with high profile streamers and esports professionals to convert and expand their existing fanbase onto various video sharing platforms.

I quickly established a large network of clients, leading to the founding of Published as a fully inclusive provider of all the services a creator could possibly need to establish a brand whilst allowing them to focus on doing what they love.

Along this journey it became clear to me that in order to provide value in such a fast paced and evolving industry, the services we offer need to be the most cost efficient and effective on the market whilst catering to a variety of needs as our clients develop their careers.

As such, our primary goal is always to push our clients forward as swiftly as possibly so that they can see returns on their investments and achieve their goals."

LONG "drice" PHAm

archie "sleek" Vann

"I started my editing career in 2018 and haven't looked back since, providing content creators with the ability to enhance their work is a challenge I love to pursue and a privilege I'm honoured to have."

Gustavo "Hawk" Santana 

"Hey! I'm Gustavo A.K.A "Hawk" a thumbnail designer from Brazil.

I've been working in design as a hobby my whole life and recently started creating thumbnails professionally.

In my short time on the scene my designs have been used by a wide variety of channels on content racking up over 1,000,000 views."